Alterations & Improvements


Tenants wishing to change, alter, remove or renew any element within the Association’s property must request permission from the Association in writing. Some examples of where tenants require the Association’s written permission are:

•  Satellite dishes
•  Renewing kitchens 
•  Renewing bathrooms 
•  Fitting Showers
•  Ceramic Tiling to walls and floors 
•  Renewing doors
•  Carrying out electrical work of any nature
•  Building garden sheds
•  Decking
•  Slabbing
•  Driveways
•  Fitting laminated or solid wood flooring
•  Fitting of gas fires

Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, but for obvious reasons, the Association may require to inspect before any request is granted. The Association reserves the right to instruct tenants to remove any alterations that the tenant does not have permission for.
It is quite often the case that when a tenant leaves a property, the Association has to carry out costly repairs to return the property to its original condition. The costs for this type of work could mean there is less money for other vital repairs.

If you want to carry out any alterations, please complete our form below  and contact our office to discuss BEFORE, you start any work.

Application for Alterations to your home