Emergency Repairs 

If you have an emergency repair when the office is closed you should telephone our emergency call handling service City Building Services on 0800 595 595. Please note this service is for emergency repairs only. Please note that if you report a repair outwith office hours which is not an emergency or report a repair which has been caused by your own negligence you may be recharged.

Examples of repairs that may be classed as emergencies.

•Loss heating where no alternative heating is available.
•Loss of lighting in internal bathrooms.
•Loss of electric power.
•Loss of water supply.
•Blocked or leaking foul drains, soil stacks or toilet pans where there is no other toilet in the house.
•Blocked sink, bath or drain.
•Significant leaks or flooding from water or heating pipes, tanks, cisterns.
•Toilet not flushing where there is no other toilet in the house.

Note: Abuse of this emergency service may result in a charge for additional call out costs. Residents should ensure they are not responsible for the fault before reporting an emergency repair.

Examples of what you may want to check before reporting emergencies

If there is no electric power has an appliance tripped the supply at the consumer unit, have you removed electrical appliances and tried to reset the trip switch? Is there credit in the electric meter?

If the heating is not working is there credit in the gas and electric meters? Are the power supply switches, controls and thermostat/thermostatic valves on? Is the boiler pressure above 1 Bar, have you attempted to reset the boiler?

If there is a water leak is it coming from your washing machine, is it spillage, can it be contained or turned off?

Other Useful Contact Numbers

Transco (Gas Leaks): 0800 111 999 (Transco will provide advice on what you should do when you call).
Police 0141 532 4600
West of Scotland Water 0845 601 8855 
West of Scotland Water (Sewerage) 0845 600 8855
Stair-lighting 0800 595 595