Anti-Social Behaviour

Ruchazie Housing Association recognises the right of all people to live in their homes peacefully without undue disturbance and the detrimental effect anti-social behaviour can have on individuals and the community.  Click To view our Anti Social Behaviour Policy.

The Association aims to provide a service effective at dealing with anti-social behaviour. To achieve this aim, Ruchazie Housing Association will work positively with all external agencies who can help deal with anti-social behaviour, including Strathclyde Police, Glasgow City Council, Environmental Protection Services, Mediation and other social landlords.

Glasgow City Council Anti Social Behaviour Noise Service 5pm - 3am

The Association will encourage all residents to solve the issues themselves, before involving the association, formally. The complainant will be provided with advice and assistance on how to do this, however, if the complainant has expressed an unwillingness to take this action, then the Housing Officer will investigate all reports of anti-social behaviour/neighbour disputes, provide advice on the action the association can take to help resolve the issue to those complaining of anti-social behaviour and to offer guidance on sources of appropriate support for victims of anti-social behaviour.

Confidentiality will be respected wherever possible and tenants concerns treated with sensitivity. Where it is not practical to respect confidentiality due to the nature of the complaint e.g. one against one the complainant will be advised, before further action is taken.

If you feel you have a complaint which you wish the Association to deal with please contact the office where we will be able to assist you.

It is essential that you telephone Police Scotland on 101 at the time of the incident, remembering to take a note of the time and date, so that the association can ask for a Police Report. This information can be helpful when dealing with your complaint.