Universal Credit & DHP

Universal Credit is a single monthly benefit for working-age people who are unemployed or on a low income. 

It applies to everyone who is currently in receipt of the following benefits:

Job Seekers Allowance – Income Base

Housing Benefit

Child Tax Credits

Working Tax Credit

Employment and Support Allowance – Income Based

Income Support

Universal Credit is being introduced in stages and will initially affect those who have a change of circumstances i.e. change of address, if you are currently in receipt of income support and your child turns 5 years from December-onwards etc. Universal Credit will eventually be rolled out to all groups. 

When you are invited to apply for Universal Credit and if you currently receive housing benefit to help with your rent payments this will now be paid to you through your Universal Credit and not to Ruchazie Housing Association. It is essential that you are aware of the payment options available to you.

Under Occupancy Charge
If you are subject to an Under Occupancy Charge you must still apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) at Glasgow City Council.

There is no limit as to how many hours you can work while in receipt of Universal Credit, it is calculated on how much you earn. It is paid into a bank/building society account.

You have to make your claim online (see links in opposite column).

If you’re worried about using a computer to make your claim, it’s important you get help. This is because your claim will not start until you have sent your online form.

If you don’t have access to a computer at home, you should contact our office and we will assist you.     If you would like any support or advice or are concerned about anything you’ve read, please contact the office or make an appointment with our GEMAP Money Advisor.

At Ruchazie we are continually monitoring the changes and the impact they may have on many of you. We will keep you updated and let you know what we can do to help and support you through the changes.